V.I.P 360 sources thousands of products from a variety of different suppliers and manufacturers. We have suppliers in Australia which normally take 1-5 working days to arrive and most of these products are commercial grade products. 

We understand not everyone can afford thousands of dollars for "commercial-grade" security products, so in order to be able to supply affordable security products to the Home Security market, we source products from the manufacturers overseas and have them delivered directly to our customer's door. These delivery times for imported products can take between 7-21 days. You may have to wait a little bit longer but you get to save thousands of dollars from these products. 




You can find your tracking number on the "order" email you received when you purchased the products online. Please put your tracking number in the search bar below to track your order. 



Please see the delivery timeframes above or in your order tracking update email. If your order status is showing as Sent/ Shipped/ In Transit / Out for delivery and is not due for delivery then we wont be able to investigate it as it is still in transit with a 3rd party transport company that we have no control over. You are welcome to contact the transport company and lodge an investigation with them. 

If your order has passed the delivery date or delivery timeframe then please contact our support team by replying to your "ORDER" email as this has all the information we need to investigate it. Our 1800 number is for Security Services & Operations and our team wont be able to assist over the phone promptly. 


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