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Static Security Guards

Static Security Guards are guards that remain static at one site. Usually at office buildings, construction sites, plants, guarding more

Crowd Controllers

Crowd Controllers are Security guards who control crowds or people. This can be at Night Clubs/Pubs, Events, Concerts, Shopping Centres....

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring Security Guards are usually classed as Static Guards, however they specialise in monitoring CCTV. This could be at office building, events, government & council headcourters....Read More

Alarm Monitoring

V.I.P 360 provides alarm system monitoring. When an alarm is activated, we will deploy a rapid response security patrol to inspect the alarm activation. Depending on the severity of the alarm we will deploy police to assist with the possible break and enter. We can also set up panic buttons for your staff....Read More

Alarm Response

Our Mobile Security Guards work 24/7 responding to your alarm when it is activated. We can respond in minutes and be at your premises to ensure it is secure. We can detain and arrest criminals breaking in or deter them before they have a chance.....Read More

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrol Officers are Security who drive from business to business checking and performing task to ensure the premises or private residence is secure. This is an affordable security solution as you are only paying for minutes of their time and not hours.....Read More

Cash In Transit

Cash In Transit Security Guards specialise in transporting money & valuables safely and securely. They can be armed or unarmed depending on the value of the goods. This is a priceless service for businesses to use security rather then their own staff to complete banking deposits and bring back change for their daily needs...Read More

Armed Guards

Armed Security Guards are Security who carry firearms or guns as they have a higher level of protection required. They are fully licensed and trained security professionals to ensure you and your valubles are safe. They are a great visual deterent to any criminals and are trained to control situations before using a firearm as a last resort....Read More

Body Guards & VIP Protection

Body Guards are security that provide Close Personal Protection for people eith unarmed or armed. This could be celebratity's, Entertainers, Musicians, Executive Business people or anyone who feels like that may need protection....Read More

Loss Prevention Officers

A Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) is a licensed security guard who is generally undercover in plain clothes, or as we like to call a "Covert Operator". Loss Prevention Officers can be in a full security uniform and fill the role of a general security guard as well, however the most effective way to identify, prevent & control people from stealing from your business is to implement a "Covert Operator" with an exclusive role as a Loss Prevention Officer. Loss prevention officers can conduct surveillance operations undercover, monitor CCTV and manage investigations with police to press charges against the criminals......Read More

UAV/ Drone Security Surveillance

VIP 360 can provide UAV/ Drone security for your premises or event. We help you view a large area quickly and get to those places hard to reach. We use the latest technology and high tech cameras which allows us to zoom in with high quality images and video quality. This allows us to locate & catch criminals on your property, provide inspections for building maintenance, check up on staff following procedures or get a professional photography of your premises from a birds eye view.....Read More

ATM & Vending Machine Services

ATM First Line Response Technicians maintain Automatic Teller Machines & Vending Machines. They are armed and have specialised training to fix ATM's when they stop working. They can also perform cash replenishing services for ATM's....Read More

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