We protect people, property, and businesses from crime and risk through industry-leading technology, Security services, Systems and solutions! 


Protecting your property or business with electronic security is mandatory if you want to stop crime and meet your insurance requirements. CCTV Security cameras capture evidence for prosecuting criminals and recording surveillance. Alarm Systems scare away burglars with loud sirens and notify security monitoring centers to dispatch police and security patrol officers. Intercoms let you control who gains access to your property. Professional quality locks and access control stop criminals from getting inside the property. 


Unfortunately, government law enforcement can’t be everywhere and have higher priority than your business. Our private security firm provides licensed security officers who can enforce laws and regulations while keeping your business, property, assets, and people safe. Our manpower security services can help you meet your insurance and workplace health and safety compliances. We have high protection solutions such as full-time guards and security teams to shared service security patrols services and alarm response that offer low budget solutions. Our manpower security division offers a range of solutions that can offer private protection with our clients’ best interest in mind!


V.I.P 360 specializes in managing and protecting your cash. We sell and service all types of money machines for counting, sorting, dispensing, and storing notes & coins. We have a Cash In Transit division of armed guards who can transport cash, precious metals, documents, and values with a high level of security with the required licenses and insurance. We can assist your business with cash handling systems to protect your workers and business from being a victim of armed robbery. Don’t risk it, leave it to the licensed professionals!


Car theft is a high target for criminals right now that law enforcement can’t seem to control. The best approach to avoid having your vehicle stolen is to take preventative measures. We also offer commercial vehicle security for fleets such as taxis, busses, trucks, and more!

Cyber Security

hackers target businesses with low security, not always large corporations! Dont be the next victim!

Security Analytics Data

File Integrity Monitoring

Threat Detection Tools

Security Traffic Analytics

Fraud Detection Tools

Threat Intelligence

Cloud Security Monitoring

Log Management tools

Why V.I.P 360?

V.I.P 360 has the vision to make the world a safer place. Our mission is to innovate and deliver the best security services, products, and solutions to our clients. Our core values are integrity, quality, safety & communication. 

Licensed Security Firm

V.I.P 360 is a licensed and insured security firm which means you have peace of mind knowing you can trust our company meets all the licensing requirements to operate in such a high-risk industry. 

Australian Security Industry Association Limited Member

V.I.P 360 is a member of ASIAL which is a regulatory authority of the security industry. ASIAL sets the standards of the industry to maintain security and safety of Australia. 

Security Professionals

When you need advice on security crime and risk, you can speak to a professional security & risk consultant. When you want a system installed we use licensed & qualified Security installers. When our guards protect you or your business, they are licensed, trained and certified. 

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is where we raise the bar. We have developed industry leading technology to improve service delivery, quality management and analytical metrics to improve our clients security and safety. 

What are others saying?

Dont take our word for it. Here is some of the feedback from our clients we have helped. 

Julie ************
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Its a pleasure working with one team to manage our entire security requirements. Before we have 1 company for patrols, 1 company for alarm systems & camera, 1 company for alarm monitoring and 3 companies to manage our cyber security requirements. Finding out you provided all services meant less head ache for us dealing with so many vendors.
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I came to you wanting security cameras. After our consultation you identified my problem and i realised cameras were not the right security i needed. Im glad i didnt waste money buying something that wouldnt have solved my problem.
Jason ********
Jason ********
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They were so knowledgeable helping me decide what i needed and when I had some technical issues they helped me out remotely with out having to send a technician out.
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We were using a security patrol company for 5 years and after an investigate we caught them not doing their job. V.I.P 360 showed us the technology they use and now we get a report when incidents happen in real time with GPS tracking and daily activity reports. I know we are getting the service we pay for now.
Amanda *****************
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We hired VIP360 guards on a short term basis. They went above our expectations not only managing security but they also manage our maintenance reports, parking, WHS, first aid officer, fire warden and concierge reception. We now have engaged them full time as they have combine several roles into one. Proactive response and very profession!

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