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Stay informed of criminal activity in your area. We offer crime alerts multiple times a day as they happen. Knowledge is power, know what criminals are doing in your city so you can protect your self from being the next target.



We specialise in highly trained Security Guards, Patrolling Premises, Alarm Response, Elite Body Guards, Armed Cash In Transit Officers & First Line Response ATM Technicians.

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Static Security Guards

Static Security Guards are guards that remain static at one site. Usually at office buildings, construction sites, plants, guarding more
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Crowd Controllers

Crowd Controllers are Security guards who control crowds or people. This can be at Night Clubs/Pubs, Events, Concerts, Shopping Centres....
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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring Security Guards are usually classed as Static Guards, however they specialise in monitoring CCTV. This could be at office building, events, government & council headcourters....Read More
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Alarm Monitoring

V.I.P 360 provides alarm system monitoring. When an alarm is activated, we will deploy a rapid response security patrol to inspect the alarm activation. Depending on the severity of the alarm we will deploy police to assist with the possible break and enter. We can also set up panic buttons for your staff....Read More
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Alarm Response

Our Mobile Security Guards work 24/7 responding to your alarm when it is activated. We can respond in minutes and be at your premises to ensure it is secure. We can detain and arrest criminals breaking in or deter them before they have a chance.....Read More
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Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrol Officers are Security who drive from business to business checking and performing task to ensure the premises or private residence is secure. This is an affordable security solution as you are only paying for minutes of their time and not hours.....Read More
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Cash In Transit

Cash In Transit Security Guards specialise in transporting money & valuables safely and securely. They can be armed or unarmed depending on the value of the goods. This is a priceless service for businesses to use security rather then their own staff to complete banking deposits and bring back change for their daily needs...Read More
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Armed Guards

Armed Security Guards are Security who carry firearms or guns as they have a higher level of protection required. They are fully licensed and trained security professionals to ensure you and your valubles are safe. They are a great visual deterent to any criminals and are trained to control situations before using a firearm as a last resort....Read More
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Body Guards & VIP Protection

Body Guards are security that provide Close Personal Protection for people eith unarmed or armed. This could be celebratity's, Entertainers, Musicians, Executive Business people or anyone who feels like that may need protection....Read More
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Loss Prevention Officers

A Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) is a licensed security guard who is generally undercover in plain clothes, or as we like to call a "Covert Operator". Loss Prevention Officers can be in a full security uniform and fill the role of a general security guard as well, however the most effective way to identify, prevent & control people from stealing from your business is to implement a "Covert Operator" with an exclusive role as a Loss Prevention Officer. Loss prevention officers can conduct surveillance operations undercover, monitor CCTV and manage investigations with police to press charges against the criminals......Read More
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UAV/ Drone Security Surveillance

VIP 360 can provide UAV/ Drone security for your premises or event. We help you view a large area quickly and get to those places hard to reach. We use the latest technology and high tech cameras which allows us to zoom in with high quality images and video quality. This allows us to locate & catch criminals on your property, provide inspections for building maintenance, check up on staff following procedures or get a professional photography of your premises from a birds eye view.....Read More
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ATM & Vending Machine Services

ATM First Line Response Technicians maintain Automatic Teller Machines & Vending Machines. They are armed and have specialised training to fix ATM's when they stop working. They can also perform cash replenishing services for ATM's....Read More


Our State of the art technology provides our clients with piece of mind when it comes to trusting a security firm to protect you! You have 24/7 client login access to see where our guards are via GPS, when they reached check points, full history of reports and statistics. You will receive daily notification of any Incident reports, maintenance reports, damage reports, unsecured doors/gates/windows left unsecured, WHS issues & much more! Our reports can include videos, photos, audio, text, GPS, time/date, signatures and more to show you evidence of any situation at your business or residence. Contact us now to find out more features available.

GPS Tracking

Our Security Guards & vehicles are tracked by GPS so you know exactly where the security guards are at your site. We even have geolocation parameters set so we get alerts if any security guards leave the designated areas they should be guarding.

NFC Check Points

We ensure our security guards are checking specific areas by placing NFC check points in multiple locations on site. This will show Date/Time stamp when they scan the check point.

Site Map & Instructions

Our security software sends our guards specific instructions, maps & images of what needs attention to detail when securing your site. This eliminates any room for error or complacency.

Pass On Reports

Our technology allows our security officers to automatically pass on reports & information specific to your site to the next officer that is working the following night. This eliminates human error and ensures you are receiving a quality service.

Incident Reports

Most security company use hand written incident reports, then management type it up and email it to clients. Messy hand writing, staff forgetting information or not writing it down end in the client not getting the critical information they require. Our technology allows our officers to take videos, photos and write reports directly on our mobile devices while onsite, this automatically gets email to you!

Daily Activity Reports

We can provide detailed activity reports of every security check we perform and any findings. This is suitable when security is onsite for a long time to ensure they are performing regular security checks.

Visitor Registration

If you require our security officers to record people and vehicles coming on or off site our technology allows us to quickly & efficiently record information which you can view instantly online. Reduce security threats and screen against unwanted visitors by scheduling visitors, visitor groups or setting parameters to follow.

Dispatch Request

Our technology allows you login to our system and dispatch a request, it will then target the closes guard to the area and send them the request. This is set as a task, it must be confirmed and completed. We can also provide video, image and text to report back to this request on completion.

Lone Worker Protection

We value the safety of our staff so we have invested in software to notify us when our staff are inactive for too long, fall over or hit there panic button. This allows us to monitor and respond to the safety of our security guards.


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