CCTV Camera Packages

CCTV Security camera are the traditional style of camera that is Close Circuit Television however with new technology they are converted to digital instead of analogue. CCTV surveillance cameras are the best value for money when you need lots of cameras or CCTV security cameras that record 24/7.


CCTV security cameras have plug and play connectors on the cables making it very easy to DIY install if you wish to or you can have one of our licensed security installers install them for you. You dont need to cut and cables or join connectors and there is no electrical work to install these. You simply plug the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) in to the powerpoint, connect the cables from the CCTV cameras to the DVR and hook up a TV monitor or Smart Phone app to view the cameras.


CCTV surveillance cameras are great for protecting your family, property, business, and home from burglars or criminals trying to break in and steal your valuable assets.

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Showing 1–20 of 53 results