What is Cash In Transit?

Cash In Transit is where a licensed security firm provides safe and secure transport for Cash, Jewellery, Gold, Documents or other valuable assets.

The Problem

Transporting valuable assets can be very dangerous to you or your staff as there is a high potential for robbery. You are at risk of losing your valuable assets and insurance premiums increasing dramatically. Most people that experience a robbery suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). When your staff go through this experience they require: time off work, professional counselling. Your company could face law suits & additional expenses from increased work cover cost as well as having to recruit, hire & train new staff.

The Solution

V.I.P 360 is highly trained to safely and securely transport your valuable assets. Our staff are licensed to carry firearms & our vehicles are fitted with high tech security features to safeguard your valuables. We face less chance of being robbed as criminals know the risks involved in attempting to rob our officers. Our staff are highly trained to deal with these situations. In the event V.I.P 360 is robbed while transporting your valuables, Your valuables are fully insured by our company. Any increased insurance premiums and cost resulting the affects of a robbery are at the cost of our company and not yours.

Cash in Transit Services

VIP 360 offers Cash In Transit Services in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Brisbane & Gold Coast. We can also provide Cash In Transit services for regional towns across Queensland. We provide safe and secure Banking, Valuables & Cash transportation at a priceless cost. We have armed guards in tactical uniforms or covert (plain clothes) with unmarked vehicles that can securely escort your cash or valuables to where they need to go efficiently. Your money & valuables are fully insured. We have safes in our vehicles while carrying your valuables. We also have Secure Vaults at our security depot should we need to hold your valuables.


  • Cash In Transit
  • Collect and Drop off your banking to your bank
  • Collect Change from your bank and delivery it to you
  • Jewellery, Gold Bullion, Valuable Transportation
  • Classified Document Escorts
  • ATM & Vending Machine Replenishing
  • Parking Meter Change Collect

Fill in your details and one of our cash management specialist will contact you to discuss solutions suited to your business.

A. Yes, we are fully insured to transport your cash and valuables. We have endless amounts of safety processes when carry cash and we have safes in our vehicles.

A. Every collection is sealed in a security seal bag with a unique security seal when we pick it up. You verify this security seal and sign for it when we leave your premises. Then the bank verifies the seal or bag has not been tampered with and they sign to say the security seal is the same one we collect it from you on. We do not look at, touch or handle your money/ valuables after collection. We purely transport it from point A to point B. 

A. On arrival we will display Identification. Every client receive a list of the staff who will be collecting from them. We will have Identification processes for you to verify our staff.

A: Yes & No.

Depending on the amount we are carrying will depend if the officers have firearms. Most of the time they will be carrying firearms concealed when working as a Covert CIT officers. A Covert CIT officers will be dressed in plain clothes, driving a unmarked vehicle and carrying a firearm under concealed under their clothing. You or your customers will not even know they are carrying a firearm. This is the best option if you want to keep a low key approach to us transporting your valuables & cash.

A. We wear both:

COVERT: A Covert CIT officer will be dressed in plain clothes, driving a unmarked vehicle and possible carrying a firearm concealed under their clothing. You or your customers will not even know they are carrying a firearm or who they are, they will just look like an ordinary customer or staff coming in on their day off.  This is the best option if you want to keep a low key approach to us transporting your valuables & cash and not let your clients know your processes.


UNIFORMED: Our uniformed CIT officers stand out, they are generally wearing tactical uniforms and carry firearms exposed (like police). This can be a good solution is we are transporting large amounts of cash. This is a deterrent to anyone who may even think about trying to rob you or us. Our CIT officers are trained to be very discreet even when wearing uniforms, we want to avoid anyone knowing what we are doing and being exposed as much as possible

A. We can collect any amount. Even as little as a cheque or pick up petty cash. We can also transport millions of dollars of cash or valuables.


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