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What is a Loss Prevention Officer?

A Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) is a licensed security guard who is generally undercover in plain clothes, or as we like to call a “Covert Operator”. Loss Prevention Officers can be in a full security uniform and fill the role of a general security guard as well, however the most effective way to identify, prevent & control people from stealing from your business is to implement a “Covert Operator” with an exclusive role as a Loss Prevention Officer. Loss prevention officers can conduct surveillance operations undercover, monitor CCTV and manage investigations with police to press charges against the criminals.

Theft Problems

All businesses experience the threat of people stealing from their company. Without the correct loss prevention processes in place, its hard to get accurate statistics on the loss of stock or money. Generally stock gets written off as damaged goods, money variances get balanced with incorrect data. If you cant work out how and why the stock or money is going missing then you cant fix the problem.

It could be customers stealing products off the shelf, staff stealing from the company or organised crime by internal staff or outsiders. When you have an internal staff member stealing from you, it rings alarm bells with what else they are doing. Are they leaking information to your competitors? Is there organised crime and outsiders involved with your staff?

When people steal from your business it has serious effect on your profit margins at the end of the year and causes a list of other operational issues that never get fixed.

Theft Solutions

Loss Prevention Officers roles are to identify potential security risks for businesses where they are most vulnerable to theft from customers or their own staff. It is then the Loss Prevention Officers job to find solutions to prevent theft and create awareness to your staff so they can work as a team. Loss prevention officers can create a compliance structure & implementing strategies in the policies & procedures to manage the shrinkage. Once our loss prevention officers have detected a crime they will then attempt to retain the items and conduct an investigation involving the police. Our reporting system will allow us to analyse information and provide resolutions to improve the processes which result in less shrinkage and overall higher profit margins.

Top sources of retail shrinkage

These are the main sources of loss or shrinkage

  • Shoplifting
  • Employee Theft
  • Paperwork Error
  • Vendor Fraud
  • Unknown Causes

6 principles of loss prevention

We break down our loss prevention strategies in to 6 categories.

  • Prevention
  • Awareness
  • Compliance
  • Detection
  • Investigation
  • Resolution


V.I.P 360 uses the latest security guard management software to ensure we can provide a measurable quality of service to our clients. Our software tracks our security officers activity & performance so you know that you are getting the quality service you pay for. We have the ability to build customised reports for shrinkage, incident reports, theft reports, retained goods reports, inventory reports, environmental security reports & much more. We can provide you with detailed reports, photos and videos to analyse. Our loss prevention officers can also use your loss prevention software or any 3rd party software you would like us to us.

GPS Tracking

Our Security Guards & vehicles are tracked by GPS so you know exactly where the security guards are at your site. We even have geolocation parameters set so we get alerts if any security guards leave the designated areas they should be guarding.

NFC Check Points


We ensure our security guards are checking specific areas by placing NFC check points in multiple locations on site. This will show Date/Time stamp when they scan the check point.


Site Map & Instructions


Our security software sends our guards specific instructions, maps & images of what needs attention to detail when securing your site. This eliminates any room for error or complacency.


Pass On Reports


Our technology allows our security officers to automatically pass on reports & information specific to your site to the next officer that is working the following night. This eliminates human error and ensures you are receiving a quality service.


Theft & Incident Reports


Our technology allows our officers to take videos, photos and write reports directly on our mobile devices while onsite, this automatically gets email to you! We can record theft reports, retained goods reports, inventory reports, environmental security reports and any customised report built from scratch.


Daily Activity Reports


We can provide detailed activity reports of every security check we perform and any findings. This is suitable when security is onsite for a long time to ensure they are performing regular security checks.


Visitor Registration


If you require our security officers to record people and vehicles coming on or off site our technology allows us to quickly & efficiently record information which you can view instantly online. Reduce security threats and screen against unwanted visitors by scheduling visitors, visitor groups or setting parameters to follow.


Dispatch Request


Our technology allows you login to our system and dispatch a request, it will then target the closes guard to the area and send them the request. This is set as a task, it must be confirmed and completed. We can also provide video, image and text to report back to this request on completion.


Lone Worker Protection


We value the safety of our staff so we have invested in software to notify us when our staff are inactive for too long, fall over or hit their panic button. This allows us to monitor and respond to the safety of our security guards.


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