What is UAV Drone Aerial Surveillance?

UAV are "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" also known as "Drones". Drones are a remotely controlled quad copter with a mounted video camera used to take photos, videos and survey areas. In security we use them for surveillance & intelligence.

The Problem

A challenge for companies with a large sites is, you cant be everywhere or see everything that's going on. This prevents a smooth operation, security and safety. When managing large events one of the biggest challenges is monitoring large crowds and security guards on the ground cant see incidents until its too late.

The Solution

We implement drones/ UAV's to view a large area from a birds eye view quickly. This provides you with surveillance & information in areas hard to get to and very quickly. We can check staff are following procedures, accidents, damage, maintenance & Ariel photos/videos in High definition quality. This allows us to create action plans for a smooth operation. We can even use Drones to locate & detain criminals breaking in to your premises.

UAV / Drone Security & Surveillance

VIP 360 can provide UAV/ Drone security for your premises or event. We help you view a large area quickly and get to those places hard to reach. We use the latest technology and high tech cameras which allows us to zoom in with high quality images and video quality. This allows us to locate & catch criminals on your property, provide inspections for building maintenance, check up on staff following procedures or get a professional photography of your premises from a birds eye view.

  • Routine patrol surveillance
  • Alarm response surveillance
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Emergency response
  • Equipment fault inspections avoiding staff exposure
  • Mapping & Surveying
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Staff Monitoring
  • Accident monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Safety monitoring
  • Property surveillance
  • Thermal heat sensing for locating hidden trespassers
  • Search & rescue missions
  • Damage assessment
  • Property Maintenance
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Videography

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We can take professional photos and videos in high definition quality & clarity. We can zoom in on images to get close inspections on items.  

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A. There are some restrictions but none that should affect the ability of us achieving the result required. We follow all CASA regulations and laws. 

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A. Depending on the location we can generally get with in meters of an object that you require close up images or videos. 

A: Our drone services will save you money, time and resources while improve safety, security and property management. Contact us to see how it will benefit you.

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