KERUI Wireless Signal Booster Signal Repeater Extender


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KERUI Wireless Signal Booster/Signal Repeater Extender
KERUI Wireless Signal Booster Signal Repeater Extender

KERUI 433MHz Wireless Signal Transfer/Signal Repeater Booster Extender Dual Antenna For Home Alarm Security System

Z09 wireless signal converter main function is to forward the detector signal to the alarm host, indirectly, extend the detector to send the distance, expand the alarm control range. For the host and the detector far away or the middle of the obstacles caused by the transmission and receptionof signals is not ideal occasions

1. Five wireless zones 1-5 zone, the wireless detector can
learn the code to the relay of the five wireless zones, each

zone detector number is limited but the total number of
zone detectors no more than 99.

2.Can learn remote control remote control signal, up to
learn 99 remote control.

3.Two wired zones Z4-Z5 zone, wired zone Optional short
circuit alarm or open circuit alarm (NO or NC).

4. Compatible with millions of chips 1527 (resistance
150K-470K) and ordinary coding chip 2262 (resistance
1.5M-4.7M) full range of remote control and detectors.

5.Built-in rechargeable battery, an external power supply
trickle charge, external power supply automatically switch

battery power.

6..Built-in EEPROM chip, in the case of shutdown or
power failure, learning the code on the remote control and
detectors and other information will not be lost to ensure
information security

External power supply: DC5V or DC12V;

2. Built-in battery: Ni-Hi DC 4.2V

3. Quiescent current:

Wireless signal transfer repeater Z09 *1

Power adapter *1

User guide *1

It can work with all the alarm system in our KERUI official store

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number


Build-in Battery

Ni-Hi AAA*6 DC 7.2V

Defence Zones

5 wireless zones, 2 wired zones


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    Very good product, complicated enough for me for the configuration.

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    Surely Perfect !

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    It came quickly. Everything works. Tested in the city. Signal amplified. I will add a tip, after the test in the village)

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    Everything came as written and painted! Everything works fine, in general the product is worth this money

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    I got my money back.

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