Solar and Battery Powered Security Surveillance Camera – PTZ 4G camera with 8W solar panel I will use cloud storage or my own SD card

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100% wire-free powered by the battery and solar power generated from the sun. New technology allowing you to place a camera anywhere (even with no power). Connect to your smartphone via 4G phone Simcard and view the footage on your phone anytime. Perfect for farms, property, off-grid, construction sites, remote sites, or homes that want to save money and time installing traditional CCTV security cameras and running lots of cables. This is the best security camera to buy if you only require 1 camera instead of a full system. Although these are great as an individual or standalone camera, you can add multiple cameras on your site and view them all in the one smartphone app.


These cameras are great at preventing & catching criminals stealing materials, machinery, tools, vehicles, or assets on construction sites, job sites, farms, rural property, remote sites, or home.

  • Powered by solar from the sun and lithium batteries storing the power
  • Motion detection with app notification alerts on your mobile
  • Mobile smartphone app viewing and control anywhere in the world
  • Change camera direction & view from your smartphone app
  • Colour Night vision with motion-activated LED Lights
  • Infrared Nightvision (up to 30m)
  • 2-way audio communication to speak and listen
  • 4G or Wifi Internet Communication for viewing online
  • SD card & cloud storage
  • Standalone system for 1 or many cameras
  • No recorders, power or cables required
  • Multiple users can access at any time
  • Easy DIY set up


If you need to place your solar panel on your solar camera away from the camera due to the camera being in the shade (under a roof or eve), this solution gives you that option. This is an accessory solar panel mount and 2-meter extension cable

Add an Storage Device to record surveillance videos to

In order to record and store surveillance videos you will need either and SD/TF Card (class 10) for each camera or you can pay a monthly fee for cloud storage. Cloud storage will more expensive long term so we recommend using an SD/TF card.

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months

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  • Licensed Security Firm
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  • 30 days returns
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Screenshot of the phone app during daylight


Screenshot of the phone app during night with the led motion light giving you coloured night vision

Screenshot of the phone app during night with the infrared night vision


DO I NEED THE WIFI OR 4G MODEL? If you don’t have wifi on site (all unpowered sites wont), then the 4G model is the only option for security cameras. If you are using the camera at home and have wifi then this is the cheapest option. If you buy the wifi model then you dont need a 4G simcard as it only works on Wifi. If you buy the 4G model then you do not have Wifi and must use a 4G simcard to be able to view the footage on your app.

If you need the wifi model CLICK HERE:


HOW DOES THE SYSTEM WORK? The security camera is powered by lithium batteries. The lithium batteries are charged by the solar panel which is charged from the sun. The security camera has a motion sensor which activates the recording to store on the cloud or SD card. The security camera has LED lights that are triggered by motion detection (optional to deactivate) so you get colour night vision. You will then get a push notification on your phone letting you know something has triggered the motion detection. You can view the footage in real live time and choose to communicate via 2-way audio built into the security camera if you want to (optional).


HOW LONG DOES THE BATTERY LAST? Typically this will run continuously as long as it had sunlight to charge the solar panel during the day. The batteries should last months on standby mode without any sun but if the camera is being used regularly and motion is detected frequently then you may only get days or weeks without any sun charging the solar panel. The camera uses “standby mode” when there is no motion or anything to record. As soon as there is motion it records and the light comes on (optional). This saves lots of battery power and even traditional CCTV security cameras are set to only record on motion. There is no need to worry about the camera missing something while on standby mode as the motion detection is very sensitive (within range).


HOW DO I VIEW THE VIDEO FOOTAGE? You can view it on your smartphone app at any time in live view or you can view the stored footage after the event has occurred.


HOW IS THE VIDEO FOOTAGE STORED? You can use Cloud Storage or store the video to an SD card (up to 128GB). This will save the video footage to the SD card for you to view later on after the event has happened.


HOW EASY IS IT TO INSTALL? You put the solar panel on to the camera mount with a few bolts. Then use the 4 screws to mount the camera to a pole, tree, building, fence, gate or anywhere with a verticle surface.


HOW EASY IS IT TO PROGRAM?: You download the app and connect the camera to your app via the serial number or QR code then create a password. You can then change any setting and set up cloud recording.


WHAT SIMCARD DO I NEED FOR THE 4G MODEL? The 4G model uses a standard mobile phone Simcard. The SIM CARD is not included nor is sold by VIP 360 and should be bought from your preferred Telco Provider (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, etc.)

  • FREE 4G DATA: If you have the ability to share data on your current mobile phone plan then you can get additional sim cards and share your data across multiple sim cards for FREE.
  • CHEAP 4G DATA: The next best option is to go with a cheaper telco company like Belong, Aldi, Kogan (all use Telstra’s network). Set up a pre-paid sim with $20-$50 data credit on a 12-month usage term and this will last a long time. It doesn’t use the calls or SMS so just find the cheapest option that offers the most data. If you dont get good reception with these companies then ensure you use a telco company that you get good reception with.


HOW MUCH 4G DATA DOES IT USE? Typical usage, you would use around 1GB of data every month or so depending on how much you use the camera. It uses around 2mb per day on standby mode or 260mb for 1 hour of recording playback on the app.





Features :

  • 2MP / 1080p 4G or Wifi Solar power IP PTZ cameras
  • Full-color vision IR outdoor cameras
  • H.265 compression
  • 3.6mm HD lens
  • Built-in 6x IR LEDs ( 2pcs white IR + 4pcs IR Array ), 30m* IR vision
  • Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way audio
  • Built-in PIR Radar, detect distance max 8M*
  • Support mobile phone P2P remote control
  • Support remote wake up cameras
  • Support mobile push alarm notification
  • 8W solar power panel recharges directly from the sun
  • 6pcs 18650 battery (Included)
  • SD card storage and Cloud storage
  • PTZ, Pan: 355 degrees, Tilt: 120 degree
  • Adopt Blacklight technology, full-color vision in dark area
  • Working temperature: -30 degrees to 60 degree




Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 29 × 20 × 17 cm
Brand Name

V.I.P 360


Solar Powered 4G and Wifi Security Camera

Supported Operating Systems

Android, Apple IOS

High Definition


Lens (mm)



PTZ Camera




Wall Mounted

Wall Bracket






Special Features

Waterproof / Weatherproof



Video Compression Format


IR Distance(m)




Model Number




Supported Mobile Systems

Windows Mobile, ios, Android, Symbian

Network Interface


Products Name

4g Solar power IP PTZ cameras





IR vision

6pcs IR array, 30m ir vision



Two way audio


SD card storage

Max 128G (not including )

Cloud storage


Power supply

Solar Panel / Battery / DC5V

Motion detection

yes (up to 12m)

Internet Connection



  1. Jason Doyle

    Just caught my own contractors stealing materials from our construction site. These cameras just paid for them self already! Wasnt sure if they were going to be ok considering we got quoted $5k each cameras for other brands. For the prices these cameras are definitley goo value for money as I cant justify spending 10K for 2 cameras. Will be buying more. cheers

  2. Sam

    Product just arrived. Faster then expected, only took 5 days. Havent tested it yet but set up only took a couple minutes. so far so good.

  3. Mike

    I was using a trail cam on our farm previously but I could only get still images and had to take the SD card out to download them. This cameras just made my life so much easier. I can now catch those tresspassers who keep cutting my fences! Great customer service and very knowledagble staff. 5 stars!

  4. Brad

    Crystal Clear image during the day. night vision works good too but you only get black and white night vision unless you use the motion LED lights then you get colour nigh vision.

  5. Emily Francis

    Caught my son sneaking out on the week end. Wasnt the criminals i was expecting to catch but he is now grounded!

  6. Shaun

    Just set this camera up in 15 minutes. I had an old CCTV security system and it took my hours to run cables for 1 camera. I wont ever be going back to CCTV. These are so much fast to install! Thanks guys. Great advice and service! Definitley recommend

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