HIKVISION IP Security Camera Package & Security Surveillance System – Custom Build


HIKVISION security cameras are the most well know brand across the world for commercial-grade high-quality security cameras. Build your custom security camera package to suit your individual security camera requirements for your home, house, business or office.

Step 1: Select a HIKVISION Recorder for how many security cameras you need

Step 2: Select your HIKVISION Security cameras & Mounts

Step 3: Select Your Cables

Step 4: Add a Monitor & Brackets (optional)

Step 5: Add additional storage (optional)


INSTALLATION: We have professional installation by a licensed security installer available or you can DIY install with the help of watching a few videos on how to install and program the system. Please complete the online form to arrange a security technician to inspect your property and quote on installation costs. QUOTE FORM CLICK HERE



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