KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes 1KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes 2KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes 3
KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes
KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes 1
KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes 2
KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes 3

KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes

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KERUI Z31 Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor For Home villa Alarm System built-in Antenna + Beautiful appearance

Product Introduction:

The KR-Z31 Wireless Vibration Detector adopt the advanced wireless technology, with attractive appearance design,smooth shape, very coordinated with interior decoration and blend into the installation environment. The detector is connected with the alarm host by code setting in which user programs its unique address code to the alarm host; When the vibration intensity of detector surrounding is over the limited amplitude,the transmitter launches alarm signal to alarm host at once to indicate that there is an illegal vibration.It particularly applies to a apartment, villa, hotel, residential, conference room and other places.

Function Introduction:

Vibration Alarm Function:

When the detector monitors the vibration of the surrounding over the limited amplitude, the indicator light flashes 1.5 seconds instantly,and send the alarm signal to alarm host at once;

Low-voltage reminder Function:

When the detector is in low voltage, the light the low voltage signal to the alarm host, the indicator light flashes 1.5 seconds.The alarm host will voice prompt:“Zone XX is in low power”to remind you to change the batteries.The detector will do not monitor vibration anymore after send the low voltage signal ,and the indicated light will flash 4 times for every 30 seconds until power off.

Tamper-proof Function:

There is a tamper proof button in the back of detector,when the detector is removed,the tamper button would be triggered, the indicated light will flash 2s at once and sends the alarm signal to the alarm host.

Sensitivity switch Function:

There is a Sensitivity dial code in the back of detector, you can switch the different sensitivity according to installation location to suit the current environment.( 3 sensitivity range switch: H-high sensitivity range, M-middle sensitivity range, L-low sensitivity range).


During detector installation, due to the high sensitivity setting ,the installation location occurs false alarms frequently. Please properly low down the sensitivity range; if the false alarms still occurs in low sensitivity range, maybe installation location with too much external environment interference to make the detector can not works well.

1:Do not install it on the surface of metal

2:Do not install it at the strong vibration of position.

3:This is non-waterproof product, do not install it outdoor

Replace the Battery:

When the detector is in low voltage, the users need buy and replace the batteries by themselves,or the transmitted signal may be weakened. Please replace the batteries in the following steps:

1.Press the top, Slide and open the battery cover

2.Take out old batteries

3.Place the new battery, 2pcs AAA alkaline batteries, Pay attention to the positive, negative charges

4.Test the new battery: dial Code sending button, the indicator light works and send the code to the alarm host.

5.Put the battery cover back and fix it well.

Technical Parameters:

Transmission Distance(open area): 60m

Transmission Frequency:433MHz

Operating Voltage: 3V (2pcs AAA battery)

Standby Current:< 10uA

Working Current:<20mA

Alert output: Vibration Alert, Tamper Alert

Package includes:

1*kerui Z31 Vibration detector (no battery included)


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42 reviews for KERUI Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor for Safes

  1. A***o

    Tc sdek from Warehouse to moscow delivered the parcel in 26 days. The courier brought to the house. The sensors were packed in a common box together with other components of the order. One of the corners of the package is slightly accepted, but inside the whole. The sensors are equipped with batteries. The seller is happy.

  2. R***k

  3. A***v

    The sensor received, not yet checked, in appearance quality, hood

  4. W***s

    Excellent and fast delivery.

  5. T***r

    Thank you very much

  6. A***v

  7. J***B

    Ok ok
    Good product
    Too sensitive
    Fast shipping
    Seller recommended

  8. A***v

  9. P***k

    not so sensitive as I expected. can’t detect slow angle change on the tilt to open window. but can detect vibrations very well. has a big antena inside, i would expect great range.

  10. A***r

  11. S***v

  12. S***r

  13. Y***K

  14. A***g

  15. R***s

    Looks great and easy to set up!

  16. H***o

  17. M***v

  18. f***k

  19. f***k

  20. Shopper

  21. C***S

  22. C***S

  23. L***N

  24. L***N

  25. Shopper

  26. M***s

    My most favorite seller! Delivered very quickly, works good, packed well. Thanks!

  27. R***o

  28. M***u

  29. M***u

  30. M***o

  31. M***o

  32. D***v

  33. D***v

  34. P***a

  35. P***a

  36. l***n

    received the product. the seller shipped the product with the battery. thanks for that. need to check the vibration detector. will give the next feedback after testing.

  37. Shopper


  38. V***v

  39. t***a

  40. A***N

  41. A***v

  42. I***v

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