Hardwired Alarm Systems

Is your property protected from crime by an alarm system?

– Alarm systems deter and scare away burglars!

– Strobes are put on the outside of the property to deter criminals and notified neighbours that there is an active alarm.

– Sirens are designed to be so loud they disorientate burglars when they get inside which generally makes them leave quicker then they planned.

– Motion detectors pick up human motion but are designed to be pet-friendly and don’t pick up small animals.

– Smoke/ Flood/ Gas/ Panic detectors are add on accessories that can detect and notify you of special emergencies.

– Alarm monitoring: Our security monitoring Centre monitors your alarm system and reacts to alarm activations. They call police and security on your behalf and manage the alarm response for you. The small monthly fee is lifesaving!

– Installation: Wireless alarm systems are plug and play with some basic programming. If you are a DIY person, you can install one of these systems. If you prefer you can hire V.I.P 360 professional security installers to install a wireless or hardwired alarm system.

Buy alarm systems for your home and business. We sell affordable burglar alarm systems for homes and professional alarm systems for businesses. Buy online and install your self with our wireless alarm systems (No cables required). Hire one of our professional alarm system installers to install your alarm system for you

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