Wireless Alarm Systems

The best protection against burglars, theft and property crime on your house or business is a combination of the following security products:

Perimeter Security: Quality Door locks, window security screens, and gates. This stops them from actually gaining entry to your home or office.

Alarm System: This scares them away (from the siren) if they do gain entry to your property and notifies our security monitoring centre who dispatch security patrol officers to arrest the criminals (as police won’t respond without visual proof a crime is in progress).

Security Cameras: These deter criminals from committing a crime if they know they are being filmed but it also assists police prosecuting the criminals after that fact and with some luck, you may get compensation if they get caught. They are also great at checking on your property, family, employees, pets when you are not there.


Outdoor Siren & Strobes are put on the outside of the property to deter criminals and notified neighbours that there is an active alarm.

Indoor Sirens are designed to be so loud they disorientate burglars when they get inside which generally makes them leave quicker then they planned.

Motion detectors pick up human motion but are designed to be pet-friendly and don’t pick up small animals.

Smoke/ Flood/ Gas/ Panic detectors are add on accessories that can detect and notify you of special emergencies.


Do you need Alarm monitoring?

Yes: You will need a commercial-grade alarm system to be capable of being monitored professionally as the cheaper home security alarm systems are made to a budget. The Risco Agility is the model we recommend for homes and small businesses. We can supply a custom quote for an alarm system for large enterprises. These systems are more expensive but are much better quality and are harder for criminals to bypass.

No: We would recommend the Watchguard or Kerui alarm systems if you don’t require professional security alarm monitoring.

Our security monitoring Centre monitors your alarm system and reacts to alarm activations. They call police and security on your behalf and manage the alarm response for you. The small monthly fee is lifesaving but it also an insurance requirement for most house insurance and definitely business insurance and workplace health and safety! You can also monitor your alarm system your self but this is not as effective as professional monitoring.

Wifi or 3G/4G: Your alarm system needs the internet to communicate with your smartphone app &/or our security monitoring center. The Wifi alarm systems need to connect to your modem, if your power &/or modem goes offline then so does your alarm system. The alarm system siren and detectors still work without internet but you won’t get notified of the alarm. The best option is a 3G/4G alarm system as they will communicate with the internet via a mobile Simcard on the 3G/4G network. Most alarm systems have back up batteries, so if the power goes out (or criminals shut it off) then your alarm system still works on the backup battery and 3G/4G will still let you or our security monitoring centre know there is an alarm.

Installation: Wireless alarm systems are plug and play with some basic programming. If you are a DIY person and dont mind reading a manual, you can install one of these systems very easily and quickly. We can provide professional security installers to install a wireless or hardwired alarm system for you so you can be protected without the setup process.

NEED FINANCE OR PAYMENT PLANS? We have finance available on all orders over $2500 and they can be paid off over 12-60 months.

It is more affordable then it has ever been to buy an alarm system for your home and business. We sell affordable burglar alarm systems for home security and professional alarm systems for businesses and offices. You can buy online and we will ship it directly to your door so you can install it your self. With our wireless alarm systems (No cables required) they are powered by batteries and can be set up very fast and taken down when you leave the property (perfect for renting). You can also hire one of our professional & licensed security alarm system installers to install your alarm system for you.

Unsure of what system to buy? Call one of our licensed security advisers for a free consultation call 1800 847 360

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